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Boat Trailers Parts

We carry all you need in trailer parts

Baja Custom Trailers, Inc. has provided trailer services and parts to Gardena, CA since 1979.

We carry all you need in trailer parts from standard parts to customizable accessories. We work with boat trailers, RV trailers, horse trailers and work trailers. If you are looking to repair or customize your trailer, consider Baja Custom Trailers, Inc., satisfying customers since 1979.

Our Trailer Parts Include:

  • Trailer parts for all trailers (boat trailers, RV trailers, horse trailer, work trailers)

  • Trailer jacks from 500 lbs to 10,000 lbs

  • Trailer frame parts

  • Pontoon trailer bunk brackets

  • Custom made trailer axles: made in shop, quick turnaround

  • Chrome wheels, aluminum wheels, painted wheels

  • 205/75 x 14 tire and galvanized wheel 5 lug $105

  • Tires and wheels (8 in to 16.5) biased and radial tires available

  • Drum galvanized breaks 10 inch $120 a pair

  • Wheel bearings

  • Spindle seal kits

  • Single axle breakline kit $65.00

  • 1000 lb swing jack bolt on $50

  • Custom bunk pads

  • $5 a foot carpeted

  • 205/75/14 tire and galvanized wheel 5lug $105

  • Hot Deep Galvanized tandum fenders $190 for a pair

  • Extendable tongue kits

  • Wiring kits

  • Side guide kits

  • Single axle brake line kit

  • Surge brake unit

  • Disk brakes

  • Hydraulic drum brakes

  • Electric drum brakes

  • Galvanized drum brakes

  • Electric over hydraulic brake unit

  • Couplers: straight and V shaped

  • Carpeting

  • Brake lines, zinc plated and stainless steel

  • Rudder repair or replacement

  • Hanger brackets

  • Bunk pad brackets and hardware

  • Cross members

  • Fenders (stainless steel , Aluminum, and galvanized steel)

  • Hot deep galvanized tandum fenders

  • 1,000 lb swing jack bolt on custom bunk pads

  • Safety chains

  • Leaf springs (all types)

  • Spring bolts

  • U bolts

  • Plugs

  • Storage / tool boxes

  • Bearing buddies

  • Suspension parts

  • 5 pole plates

  • Ladders

  • LED

  • Hubs / drum

  • Valve stems

  • Gas can racks

  • Seals

  • Spindles

  • Rockers

  • Custom steps

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